Recommended Reading: Connected By Design

September 2014

In need of a great new book? On Forbes’ “Recommended Summer Reading List for Creative Leaders” is Connected by Design, a newly released book from R/GA’s Barry Wacksman (EVP, Chief Growth Office) and Chris Stutzman (VP, Managing Director, Business Consulting). Connected by Design touches on the agency’s history of transformation and its unique approach to building businesses through functional integration. This business model builds highly interactive ecosystems of interrelated products and digital services for brands, and in doing so helps brands gain new levels of customer engagement. Barry and Chris reveal how functional integration can give brands a unique competitive edge and unlock lucrative new business-to-business revenue streams. By focusing on seven principles of functional integration, and highlighting specific case studies from within R/GA, Connected By Design demonstrates how any company “can leverage technological disruption to redefine its mission and foster greater brand loyalty and engagement.”

Listen to Barry and Chris speak with #AOLBUILD about the book here.