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Erasing the Fourth Wall

Dubbed the “Pixar of VR,” Baobab Studios creates virtual reality animation experiences. In its debut episode of Invasion!, you, the viewer, play one of two cuddly bunnies greeting alien invaders. The award-winning film premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Tara Moore, Managing Editor of FutureVision, speaks with Maureen Fan, Baobab’s CEO and Co-founder, about the emotive power of VR, its impact on branded storytelling, and what a VR ecosystem of the future might look like.


Erasing the Fourth Wall [Part 1 of 3]
With its animated VR short film Invasion!, Baobab Studios goes beyond the limitations of the rectangular screen to make you a part of the story, creating an emotional connection unparalleled in cinema.


Entering the Space [Part 2 of 3]
Maureen Fan explains how marketers can take advantage of VR to immerse consumers in uninterrupted brand experiences.


Turning Skeptics into Believers [Part 3 of 3]
Virtual reality may still be a niche platform, but Baobab’s Maureen Fan explains the benefits of learning the language early, and why it’s important for brands to start experimenting now.