The New Social Class

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01 The New Social Class

Today’s preferred virtual stomping grounds give us a glimpse of Gen Z’s activities outside the classroom; from 24/7 messaging to endless streaming, selfie-taking, and cyber gossiping. This always-on generation creates and consumes bite-sized content made for and by their friends. The following Periodic Table of Apps offers a first lesson in connecting and engaging with Gen Z.


FV_TNSC_Infographic2.1_WordPressOn average, users spend around 50 minutes per day on YouNow. The average broadcast lasts 20 minutes.


FV_TNSC_Infographic2.2_WordPressEvery day, more than a million voters complete the “Daily Dozen” on Wishbone to determine the hottest trending topics in pop culture.


FV_TNSC_Infographic2.3_WordPressOf the more than 275 million users on Kik, 40% are teens.

  • 1.1 Watching You, Watching Me

  • 1.2 State of Play

  • 1.3 Snapping Up Youth Culture