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Location, Loyalty, and a New Business Model

O2 Priority Moments


Over the years, R/GA has championed the idea of platforms and campaigns. The idea manifests our fundamental belief that functional innovation and brand communications go hand in hand. The launch of O2 Priority Moments illustrates this approach. A mobile platform that offers location-specific deals to O2 customers has become the foundation for the latest O2 ad campaign and their brand communications in 2013 and beyond.

Contributed by:
James Temple, VP, Executive Creative Director, R/GA London

This project marks an interesting point in the client-agency relationship. When R/GA was asked to pitch, the request was to come back with fresh marketing ideas. However, the opportunity that R/GA saw was mostly around functional innovation — O2 was ideally posi- tioned to build stronger relationships with its customers by rewarding them with unique location-specifi c offers and services. It was grounded in the insight that unlike other brands, O2 had an existing network of partners as well as a substantial base of smartphone users and network coverage. The lacking component was the application layer, which R/GA pitched and later designed, branded, and released as O2 Priority Moments.

From the brand perspective the impact has been tremendous in terms of both sheer numbers and perceived customer value helping O2 further position itself not only as a communications but also as a services provider.

— Ilia Uvarov, Creative Director, R/GA London, Contagious Magazine, October 2011

Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen Priority Moments expand, putting the service at the centerpiece of our client’s marketing efforts. O2 have extended the service beyond high street brands, and created a platform that allowed independent retailers across the UK to extend loyalty offers. In the summer of 2012 and coinciding with the London Olympics, our client seized the oppor- tunity to deliver even more value for O2’s 22 million cus- tomers, when the network partnered with Nike to create Priority Sports. The new loyalty platform will give O2 customers exclusive access to Nike products, services, and experiences, such as running events with celebrity athletes like Paula Radcliffe and Mo Farah.

And there’s even more to come, so stay tuned…

In the first six months, Priority Moments saved O2 customers over £5 million and was the number one lifestyle app in the UK iTunes store. Available in all app stores, Priority Moments has been downloaded in excess of 3 million times.