Creativity for the Connected Age

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Talent Remains a Precious Commodity

As a culture, we’ve fully embraced the notion of “creativity” as the key to innovation. The word “creativity” has landed on the list of LinkedIn’s most overused buzzwords for the past three years, highlighting the emphasis we place on it as a skill needed to compete. The bar for creativity has been raised now that anyone can label themselves a creative.

Creative agencies will be forced to innovate, invent, and push the boundaries to discover the next level of creativity. It is up to them to envision good ideas and see them through.

As industries become increasingly digital; banking, healthcare, retail, and countless other institutions will require coding from the ground up. This kind of big picture thinking requires deep creative insights, and instead of a collaboration among architects, city planners, and corporate executives, creative technologists will be primarily responsible for implementation.

Silicon Valley was shaped by the ability of the ‘60s counterculture to see the world in a new way. The next generation of reality builders will be software engineers, digital natives shaped by an equally powerful cultural and technological paradigm shift—the Internet.