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Innovation from the Bottom Up

Jonathan Greene, VP, Managing Director, Mobile & Social Platforms, R/GA, speaks with Bre Pettis, CEO, MakerBot Industries, about how MakerBot is leading the Next Industrial Revolution, democratizing the status quo of making, and helping people unleash their creative potential.


Creating The People’s 3D Printer [1 of 3]
By creating an accessible, affordable, friendly, easy to use product, MakerBot is leading the next industrial revolution. 3D printing is putting the power of factories onto people’s desktops,  enabling anyone to download, design, or scan anything they want.


Unlocking Creativity To Explore The Frontier [2 of 3]
MakerBot machines have led to an amazing number of use cases, both creative and business practical. These pioneers are using MakerBots to do some things that verge on the absurd, but in the process, are getting really close to what is truly innovative.


Making It Cost Effective To Try New Things [3 of 3]
The simple act of using a 3D printer is helping to make people become more iterative and innovative. Brands and agencies that pursue rapid prototyping and 3D printing can also accelerate the pace of their innovation. Ultimately, it is about failing fast and developing even faster.