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Re-engaging the Live Audience

Erin Lynch, Group Executive Creative Director, Experience Design, R/GA, speaks with Peter Duffin, SVP, Brand and Marketing, Lincoln Center, about extending the digitization of one of the world’s greatest cultural landmarks—and New York’s greatest tourist attractions—into the Connected Age.


Turning Lincoln Center Inside Out [1 of 3]

On any given day, there are at least a dozen events happening at Lincoln Center. A recent campus renovation has literally given visitors greater visibility into what’s going on behind the glass and travertine walls, but Lincoln Center is also leveraging digital technology to make the campus even more open and welcoming. Learn how Lincoln Center is using mobile technology and beacons to bring the cultural richness of the institution outside to the streets.


Technology Before, During, and After an Event [2 of 3]

Is there a place for mobile phones during a live performance? While helping visitors engage more deeply with a live performance is a priority, Lincoln Center believes it’s just as important to leverage digital technology to build anticipation before an event, as well as help attendees relieve their favorite moments from a show.


Theaters without Walls [3 of 3]

A digitally connected infrastructure not only improves the in-person experience, but also enables Lincoln Center to extend their ‘live’ experience to remote audiences. Through livestreaming and other digital experiments, Lincoln Center is extending its reach and creating a community that encompasses everyone from live attendees to fans in Tokyo.