Posted May 28th 2013

Tablets to Surpass Laptops in 2013, Total PC Market by 2015

According to IDC, tablet sales will grow over 58% this year, making it a bigger seller than portable PCs for the first time. By 2015, tablets will surpass the entire PC market at 332 million shipments. Meanwhile, IDC expects sales of traditional PCs to fall by 7.8% in 2013 “as users increasingly consider alternatives such as delaying a PC purchase or using tablets and smartphones for more of their computing needs.” Tablet growth will be spurred in part by declining prices, as IDC anticipates that the worldwide average selling price (ASP) for tablets will drop 10.8% to $381. In comparison, the ASP of a PC is nearly double at $685. Tablet prices will continue to drop, helping to bring a viable computing experience to people at price points the PC industry has strived to meet for years. This year, tablets less than 8” (like iPad mini and 7” version of Kindle Fire) will become the largest segment of the tablet market for the first time at 55% of all tablet shipments.

Source: IDC, May 2013