Posted April 17th 2013

74% of UK Consumers Feel the Mobile Wallet is an Appealing New Concept

IAB (Internet Advising Bureau) future focused research shows that 69% of UK consumers expect their mobile usage to increase dramatically by 2015. A surge in UK smartphone penetration suggests consumer technology expectations will rise in the coming years.

Currently, UK consumers demonstrate the highest emotional connection with their mobiles with 62% claiming to struggle to imagine life without their mobile and using them more to go online than to call / text than the US (59%).

South Koreans (28%) use their mobiles more to go online more on a daily basis compared to the UK (23%) and the US (13%). However consumers in the UK have the strongest emotional connection with their mobile phones, with 59% of UK consumers claiming “they couldn’t live without their mobile” compared to 53% in the US and 31% in South Korea.

Although 51% of UK consumers currently say they were satisfied with their smartphones, only 26% of South Korean consumers felt satisfied with their mobile device, suggesting their technology expectations are higher than those of UK consumers. With UK smartphone penetration continuing to increase, the research suggests that we can expect similar heightened consumer expectations over mobile technology in the UK in the coming years.

UK leading the way in tablet penetration

Tablet usage and penetration in the UK (35%) on a daily basis is higher than that of the US (31%) or South Korea (15%), with consumers in the UK expressing a greater connection with their tablet device. South Korean consumers are using their tablet the least to go online but are the most likely to agree that their future usage will increase.

Future facing concepts

Consumers were asked to rank a range of mobile technologies according to what appealed to them most. Three concepts came out on top: mobile wallet, mobile optimized websites and cloud-based storage. 74% of UK consumers felt that the mobile wallet was an appealing new concept; However, they felt that mobile optimized websites and cloud-based storage are most likely to become a reality in the near future.

Source: IAB and Crowd DNA, November 2012