What is 5G, and When Do I Get It?

Posted February 23rd 2017


via Wired

The mobile industry is buzzing about this next generation of high-speed wireless service, and you can expect the chatter to get even louder at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. But don’t believe the hype—the shift to 5G won’t happen quickly. The carriers have to upgrade their massive infrastructures, for one. Also, 5G is about more than just shuttling GBs to and from your iPhone more quickly. The 5G revolution will cast a much wider net. It’s an information conduit being built to connect self-driving cars, VR headsets, delivery drones, and billions of interconnected devices inside the home.


According to Wired the logistical details of widespread 5G rollout remain vague, but is targeted for 2020. What all carriers are in agreement on is that 5G will be “crazy fast, crazy stable, and crazy versatile.” 5G will be engineered for a world of constant connectivity and smart everything, and with the ability to prioritize data to deliver it where it’s needed the most, “The days of your data speeds slowing down because you’re at a crowded event are numbered.”