Cisco Wants to Turn Workplaces Into Smart Buildings

Posted February 1st 2017


via VentureBeat

Cisco wants to transform workplaces into digital buildings. And to do so, it is launching a variety of products and network innovations that it hopes will generate more speed, cost savings, security, and better overall customer experiences.

On the product side, the company is announcing today a new switch that is designed especially for digital buildings: The Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series Switch.

The move is part of a larger vision to make buildings work better for people. What if, for instance, you walk into a store and the floor lights up to show you the way to the product that you are searching for, like your favorite shampoo? Or if you enter a shared office space and the room knows who you are and adjusts the lights and temperature to your liking?


More and more companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of integrating technology into their operations and physical spaces, to create better experiences for their workers. Cisco is positioning itself as an ideal partner to help with these digital transformations in a cost effective way.