Barbie is Back. This Time, She’s a Voice-Controlled Hologram

Posted February 17th 2017


via Wired

Hello Barbie Hologram is a small box containing an animated projection of Barbie that responds to voice commands. It combines motion-capture animation with Amazon Echo-style voice interactions, and it arrives in stores later this year.

So how does it work? A screen in the top of the box projects an image of Barbie onto a translucent wedge, which reflects it so she appears to float in mid-air.


Even Barbie is getting into the voice-assistant game. Starting with the wake phrase “Hello Barbie,” users can have Barbie accessorize, change her outfits, set alarms, add things to their calendar, get weather updates and more. “The web-connected mic raises the same privacy concerns as the Amazon Echo,” Wired’s Tim Moynihan points out. But according to Mattel, Barbie does not save recordings to its server unlike the Echo and Google Home. Parents also have access to all the data the system collects as outlined in the FTC’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.