The Way You Shop Will Change Forever This Year. Here’s How

Posted January 9th 2017


via Co.Design

While the internet forever changed shopping, the physical retail environment lagged behind. That is until recently. In 2016, we saw some of the first hints of how traditional stores are about to change, too: an Amazon store that lets you grab whatever you like without paying for it, e-commerce companies open physical locations, and high fashion taking inspiration from your local chain drugstore self-checkout. And over the next few years, the brick-and-mortar buying experience will change even more dramatically.

We talked to experts in retail, ranging from the analyst to the scientist to the marketer, about the big retail trends around the corner. Stores aren’t going anywhere any time soon. But they are about to look and feel a whole lot different from the way they did before. Here are the big retail trends to look out for in 2017 and beyond.


Major retailers like Sears and Macy’s are closing brick-and-mortar across the country, while e-commerce giant Amazon is beginning to open them. From the survival of the big-box store, to questions of convenience versus experience, Co.Design breaks down how some of the major trends in retail may play out on a micro and macro level.