Neil Blumenthal and Danny Meyer on the State of Customer Service

Posted January 9th 2017


via Fast Company

Whether you’re arguing with your cable company or trying to rebook a flight, awful customer service encounters are a disheartening part of daily life. But Union Square Hospitality Group restaurateur Danny Meyer—who wrote the influential 2006 statement of customer-care purpose Setting the Table—and Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal are helping inspire a new generation of companies to overhaul how they think about interacting with the public. Meyer and Blumenthal have both turned their unusual philosophies into booming businesses with enormous loyalty, as they explained to Fast Company’s Noah Robischon at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in November.


Technology is changing everything and the hospitality industry is no exception. As both Blumenthal and Meyer see the potential of certain technologies to transform their businesses, the two are embracing change. At the same time, hospitality demands the human element, so it’s essential that humans are not removed from the equation, but empowered to play larger roles. Read the interview to see how these two moguls are striking that balance.