BMW Looks to the Future of Sitting in Cars

Posted January 4th 2017


via Engadget

While automotive startups strive to compete with luxury brands, BMW sits exactly where those upstarts would like to be in the market. That means it has the opportunity to introduce smart and EV features inside its established vehicles. The automaker can also drop impressive concept cars and ideas willy nilly. “Act like a a startup, deliver like a grown up,” said Klaus Frolich member of the board of management for BMW.

At the crack of dawn at CES, the German automaker took the wraps off its far-future view of the interior of its vehicles. The BMW i Inside Future concept car clearly isn’t for experiencing an engine or handling. Instead it’s the company’s look at what the inside of a car can not just look like, but what it can mean for the next generation of customers. “It’s not just about being being driven, but it’s about what you experience,” Frolich said.

In BMW’s view, life inside the car may not be all that different from life spent relaxing at home with all the necessary connections for entertainment and work built in. Rear passengers would have fold-out widescreen displays to watch their favorite movies or television shows. and there could also be an interactive free-floating touchscreen with ultrasonic haptic feedback next to the steering wheel for control. As the automotive world prepares for autonomous cars, we will continue to see designers exploring the future of the in-car experience.