Windows Holographic Shell Delivers Virtual Reality Computing

Posted November 22nd 2016


via Digital Trends

Microsoft’s Windows Holographic Shell seems to be targeting middle-of-the-road computer builds, as recently unveiled system requirements reveal that many users will be able to experience its virtual reality interface without hardware upgrades.

The Windows Holographic Shell’s low barrier for entry will likely come as a surprise for VR enthusiasts accustomed to virtual reality’s typically high system requirements, opening up the interface to a variety of home computer setups and hardware configurations.

The Windows Holographic Shell is an immersive virtual reality interface that allows users to manage all aspects of the Windows 10 operating system using a head-mounted display such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. In addition to giving users access to basic operating system functionality, the interface supports a variety of Universal Windows Platform apps available via the Windows Store.

The level of adoption of Windows’ VR computing platform will say a lot about whether the world is ready to make virtual reality a part of daily life. As the barrier to entry for the hardware decreases, and the applications of the technology grow wider, we may soon be computing in mid-air like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.