Smarter Bots Are Coming to Virtual Assistants

Posted November 17th 2016


via Engadget

We keep hearing that robots are going to take our jobs, but a company called MindMeld is giving us an idea how with its “Deep-Domain Conversational AI Platform.” It’ll allow bots that can essentially replace customer service agents and even baristas by answering complicated voice or text queries over Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger and other popular platforms. Uniqlo, for one, will offer a Facebook bot that can answer questions about its products, services and retail locations with more detail than ever.

The “MindMeld Language Parser” helps it understand and answer questions with “human-like accuracy,” whether by talk or text, the company says.

With investors and customers like Google, Samsung, Intel, Uniqlo, and Spotify, MindMeld offers a platform for building bots capable of understanding complicated queries without very much effort on the company’s part. The below video displays examples of the conversational AI in action.