Mark Zuckerberg Named Business Person of the Year

Posted November 10th 2016


via CNET

Fortune magazine has just anointed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with the title Business Man of the Year for 2016. The media outlet cites numerous criteria for selecting Mr. Zuckerberg for the honor including company performance year over year as well as acumen to craft vision for growth and enabling shrewd strategy to achieve it.

Coming in second as runner up, head of Amazon Jeff Bezos who is recognized for dominating e-commerce plus breaking new ground by developing products such as the Amazon Echo which has pushed the envelope of human-to-computer interaction.

The 32 year-old “has built a powerhouse company worth $375 billion with $22 billion in profits and close to 1.8 billion users,” writes Fortune‘s Alan Murray. “His meteoric rise says something about the world in which we live – increasingly tied to the social networks at our fingertips – and also about the world of business, where digital companies can reach massive scale almost overnight.”