How Bjarke Ingels is Designing the Commercialized Hyperloop

Posted November 9th 2016


via Co.Design

As Hyperloop One imagines it, the transportation of the future involves a blend of Uber, the monorail, and supersonic speed. Yesterday, the company and the Danish architecture firm BIG revealed renderings that show how the transportation system will look—assuming the technology is ever fully developed, of course.

Hyperloop One is just one of several startups vying to commercialize Space X’s Hyperloop design proposal (Space X itself is not involved with any further developments). The concept involves high-speed travel courtesy of pods that levitate in a tube and are propelled by electromagnets. Hyperloop One is currently testing technology that could make Musk’s vision a reality, and hopes to have a functional prototype by 2020. The first functioning system has been rumored to be destined for California and Russia. But now, Hyperloop has announced it’s working with the United Arab Emirates to build its first commercialized system, connecting Dubai to Abu Dhabi. (The wide-open desert expanses are likely easier to design for than California’s earthquake-prone terrain.)

“Bjarke Ingels Group has been working with Hyperloop One since May to develop the design itself,” writes Co.Design‘s Diana Budds. This week the firm released a video of its ideas.