4 Ways Our Data is Already Changing the Design of the World Around Us

Posted November 7th 2016


via Co.Design

By now, you’re aware that the very minutiae of your life is being collected—whether via the smartphone in your pocket, the CCTV camera in the hallway, or the computer on your desk. While the privacy issues surrounding ubiquitous tracking are only just beginning to emerge in earnest, this avalanche of data is also helping scientists, designers, and engineers understand the built world in entirely new ways.

At the 2016 Fast Company Innovation Festival, the global architecture firm NBBJ brought together a panel of experts to discuss the impact of data on human-centered design.

From the workplace to public space, Co.Design‘s Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan discusses a few of the ways ubiquitous data collection is changing the way buildings and even cities are designed.