Why We Are About to Experience the Tsunami of Chat

Posted October 27th 2016


via VentureBeat

A dramatic shift in how consumers interact with brands is underway. While this felt like a minor development at first, we’ll all look back and recognize a key turning point. Over the next five years, rich, interactive chat will become the dominant means for most of us to interact with technology. As each domino falls, we tumble into a world of interaction with artificial intelligence, voice-activated operating systems, and even thought-based computer systems. Leading tech companies like Facebook, Slack, Amazon and Google have seen it on the horizon. Futurists and luminaries have been talking about it for years. It’s here. It’s happening. Get ready.

“Consumers have a real desire to interact with the digital world in a more intuitive, natural way,” writes Etch co-founder Shawn Busteed on VentureBeat. To deliver that kind of experience, he stresses that chat interface must offer true personalization, human-level comprehension and an interactive element that allows for various product and service integrations. Busteed goes on to explain how we will see these interfaces used in industries from air travel to ecommerce and real estate.