White House Wants the Nation to Prepare for AI

Posted October 17th 2016


via Readwrite

In an effort to drive continued innovation in a handful of key areas of technology and science, President Obama hosted the White House Frontiers Conference, a one-day conference in Pittsburgh. This conference is a joint venture between the White House, the  University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

During the conference, President Obama announced a number of new initiatives. These include funding to help in the development of smart cities, brain research, health, criminal justice, space, and climate change. Also among the initiatives announced was the release of a report titled “Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence.”

“Artificial intelligence is a big focus in both the public and private sector. It’s being utilized to provide quick, data-driven insights in the areas of business, science, law enforcement, and even national security,” writes Ryan Matthew Pierson. The 58-page report focuses on topics from AI’s applications for public good to its economic implications and global security considerations.