Toyota Partners With Getaround on Car-Sharing Service

Posted October 31st 2016


via TechCrunch

Carmakers continue to look at the future of transportation and invest in alternatives to individual ownership: Toyota is the latest to make a bet on a mobility model espoused by a startup, with a strategic investment in SF-based car sharing provider Getaround. Toyota’s investment also comes with integration with Getaround’s platform on the technology and finance side, incentivizing Toyota car owners to participate.

Getaround allows car owners to rent out their own vehicles when they’re not in use, in order to decrease the amount of time they spend idle and help car owners use their vehicles to help offset the cost of owning them in the first place.

“As part of the new strategic partnership, Toyota will offer new vehicles, beginning with premium Lexus cars, for rental via Getaround with completely keyless entry and driving via their smartphone,” writes TechCrunch‘s Darrell Etherington. With the disruption caused by ride-sharing and eventually autonomous cars, major auto companies are making a wide range of bets on mobility to position themselves for an uncertain future.