Opel is Showing Off the First Automobile You Can Start With Your Mind

Posted October 13th 2016


via Adweek

The Paris Motor Show is taking place from Oct. 1-16, and Opel has a surprise for visitors to its stand—an Opel Astra you can start with your mind.

Guests are invited to sit comfortably in a chair facing the car, where they’re outfitted with a headset that’ll get the engine humming with the right mental feedback. The experience has conveniently been dubbed “Opel Mind.”

“Visitors wear a connected helmet which measures their brain activity and communicates via Bluetooth to the vehicle, which is equipped with a specially designed device,” explains co-founder Jean-Baptiste Herman of Tips Tank, the agency that created it. Demonstrations like this one paint an imaginative picture of what the future of mobility and human-to-machine communication could become.