Is Customization The Future Of The Beauty?

Posted October 14th 2016


via Fast Company

Consumers are savvier than they used to be, says freelance beauty expert Bahar Takhtehchian. With access to information about every product on the market literally at their fingertips, the public expects record highs of satisfaction. “There is a need to innovate with that in mind,” Takhtehchian says. “Not everyone has the same color skin… It makes sense that companies are stepping outside the box and responding to people’s needs.”

The ability to compose a unique product versus pacing a store floor has inspired a new generation of startups to take aim at the beauty industry. These companies are reimagining how we purchase everything from nail art to hair products.

Consumer involvement can create strong bonds. Like the do-it-yourself “maker” movement, people increasingly want to create. “From start to finish, you feel like you’re involved and getting a product that you like,” Takhtehchian says.

Fast Company‘s Rina Raphael highlights some of the brands that are owning this space, from Finding Ferdinand which let’s you be the auteur of your own lipstick color, to building the perfect shade of makeup for your skin tone with Match Co.