Vice and HBO Are Remaking the Evening News for Millennials

Posted October 11th 2016


via Recode

When Vice started working on a nightly news show for HBO, the guy who would run it — Executive Vice President Josh Tyrangiel — was blunt about its place in the media landscape.

“When we first started talking about this as an opportunity, the very first thing I said to [Vice CEO] Shane Smith and Richard Plepler at HBO was, ‘You guys know nobody needs this, right?’” Tyrangiel said on the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka.

He still believes no one in the company’s youthful audience needs a Vice-ified version of a TV newscast every weeknight, but Tyrangiel thinks they’ll want it. Vice News Tonight, which debuted Monday at 7:30 on HBO, is aiming to “add value,” he explained, by deepening viewers’ understanding of the stories they’ve scrolled past on Facebook earlier in the day.

Josh Tyrangiel sits down with Recode Media to discuss the new show and how it differs from traditional media to cater to a younger audience.