Survey Says: Consumers Will Buy Cars from Apple and Google

Posted September 6th 2016


via Fast Company

Though some have scoffed at the idea that tech companies like Apple and Google could cause any real concern, a new survey suggests that the existential threat of tech entrants into the auto market should be taken seriously.

TECHnalysis Research recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers who both own a car and are planning to purchase a new one within the next two years. One of the questions specifically focused on the potential interest that consumers would have in purchasing a car sold by Apple, Google, or another major tech company.

Half of the respondents in the survey said they would give at least moderate consideration to purchasing a car from a tech company. In the case of Apple- and Google-branded cars, about one third would give serious consideration to a purchase, and just over 10% said they would definitely purchase a car from one of those companies.

Consumer interest in purchasing, or at least considering the purchase of cars made by tech companies may have a major impact on the auto market. It will be interesting to see whether the loyalty consumers display to the ecosystems these brands have created will extend to the cars they use to get from A to B.