Is Virtual Reality Ready for Hollywood?

Posted September 7th 2016


via Recode

When it comes to virtual reality, Seth Gordon has a unique perspective. As the director of films like “Horrible Bosses,” “The King of Kong,” and the upcoming “Baywatch,” he’s no stranger to making content for a wide audience. He’s also deeply interested in technology, and is an avid follower of games and gaming culture. Recode decided to quiz him on the wave of VR that is inevitably coming to all of our screens, big and small.

Where would you say Hollywood is with VR?

Completely nascent exploration. The consensus is that it has a lot of potential, but no one has cracked it yet. There’s a lot of dabbling going on, even from a few outfits that are proven. It feels like there’s a strong future — but really compelling, immersive storytelling that is distinct from, and improves upon, the best console games hasn’t quite shown itself yet.

The director goes on to discuss where VR will live in the entertainment landscape, it’s social potential, and how branded entertainment could provide the breakthrough moment.