How AI is Changing Human Resources

Posted September 15th 2016


via Fast Company

Making a good impression with a prospective employer often requires little more than a great résumé and congenial personality. But how do you impress an algorithm? That’s the question facing applicants of Facebook, IBM, and a spate of other companies that are starting to incorporate artificial intelligence into their hiring practices. They’re using machines to scan work samples, parse social media posts, and analyze facial expressions on behalf of HR managers. Such practices raise questions about accuracy and privacy, but proponents argue that harnessing AI for hiring could lead to more diverse, empathetic, and dynamic workplaces.

One of the goals of introducing machine learning into the hiring process is to cut down on the human bias that, consciously or unconsciously, inevitably creeps in, but the way algorithms eliminate candidates in “blind” fashion may introduce new issues in creating the ideal workplace.