What I Learned Working on the Apple Watch

Posted August 15th 2016


via Fast Company

Meet Bob Messerschmidt.

Apple quietly acquired Messerschmidt’s startup in 2010 (after Messerschmidt sent Steve Jobs an unsolicited email, but that’s another story). Afterwards, Messerschmidt was placed on the Apple Watch team, where he led a group charged with architecting new sensor technologies for the device. The heart rate sensors on the Apple Watch we know today are the creation of Messerschmidt and his team. Because health and wellness are perhaps the main use cases for the Watch, Messerschmidt played a central role in the Watch’s overall design, and had regular interaction with the vaunted Industrial Design Group led by Jony Ive. Messerschmidt has since gone on to found his own company, Cor.

In conversation with Fast Company, Messerschmidt provides eight valuable lessons learned during his time at Apple. From how to work with industrial design legend Jony Ive’s to life in the post-Jobs era.