This Highway Will Remove Lanes, but Add Space for Drones

Posted August 22nd 2016


via Fast Co.Exist

When cities redesign traffic-clogged highways, they often make them wider—despite the fact that tends to make traffic even worse. In Shenzhen, China, a team of designers thinks the best way to modernize a 12-lane highway is to shrink it instead, and rethink how highways work.

Under the proposed elevated highway, the designers envision green spaces and pod-like coworking offices. With the road enclosed, the theory is that the spaces will be clean enough that people want to use them again. The design also includes channels that can collect water, helping solve the city’s water management problem. Above the road, the designers propose creating the first drone highway.

The city of Shenzhen is considering the proposal and its designers hope it will serve as a model for other Chinese cities. Vicky Chan, director of Avoid Obvious Architects, tells Fast Co.Exist, “When we work with different cities in China, they told us that they think a 12-lane highway is the symbol of development, the symbol of a developed country…That concept has to change if they want to be green and sustainable. I think our proposal of changing the whole image and function of a highway is fundamental for the future of China.”