The Future of Mobile Video is Virtual Reality

Posted August 30th 2016


via Tech Crunch

A cult classic for many in the VR community, the 1995 film Strange Days shares a vision of a future where you could re-live a memory from the viewpoint of anyone equipped with a wearable recording device. You also could play back your own recordings whenever you chose and as often as you wanted. And when you played a recording back, you could follow the action with the freedom to look around.

The technology as depicted in the film  —  which had a dark side to be sure —  is far off, if ever fully obtainable. But in a world where no moment is too small to record with a mobile sensor, and one in which time spent in virtual reality keeps going up, interesting parallels start to emerge with our smartphones and headsets.

Tech Crunch takes a look at how the future of mobile video could play out by looking at three major factors: VR video adoption, mobile video user needs and the rise of the smartphone camera. VR will likely get more social, with people sharing their memories as VR experiences. Mobile will be at the center of this new kind of sharing.