The Best New Way to Read? Stories Through Text Messages

Posted August 18th 2016


via Wired

Hooked is an iPhone app that lets anyone compose—and read—stories made entirely of texts, traded back and forth by the characters. And it’s a glimpse into how technology, once again, is giving birth to new literary forms.

What’s the allure? In one sense, it’s like watching a play, or reading one—a literature of people talking to one another. Except it’s weirder than that, because in SMS stories, characters are always in physically different places, so they’re constantly describing to each other what they’re doing and seeing. Oddly, this puts Hooked stories more in the class of radio serials from the 1940s, where characters would use dialog to describe things to you, the listener, your ear pressed rapt against your radio. Your imagination fills in the gaps.

Technology often introduces new ways to tell stories. With people spending inordinate amounts of time on their smartphones, perhaps this new medium for storytelling will catch on.