Meditation in Virtual Reality

Posted August 17th 2016


via The Guardian

Welcome – if you have the headset or appropriate app – to Deepak Chopra’s latest venture: virtual reality (VR) meditation.

The new age entrepreneur and self-help guru unveiled the simulation, titled “Finding your true self,” this week at the headquarters of Wevr, a VR firm in Silicon Beach, Los Angeles’s tech hub. Chopra, who narrates the simulation, hopes to sell the experience via booths at airports, hospitals and other locations, and via phones and laptops enabled with VR platforms.

Meditation’s benefits – improved focus, lower stress, inner peace – require investments of time, effort and discipline which frustrate many would-be practitioners. A vast market, Chopra hopes for a simulation which mixes “insights, contemplation and entertainment.”

Purists might argue that introducing this kind of technology into meditation runs counter to its principles, but Chopra disagrees. “I’ve never been too attached to tradition. We’re an evolving species. If you don’t keep up with technology you’re not in touch with the zeitgeist and you may as well pack it in,” he told The Guardian.