Jaunt Releases Cloud-Based Publishing Platform For VR UGC

Posted August 5th 2016


via UploadVR

Jaunt, the virtual reality production house, is taking a major leap forward in the immersive media arms race by announcing a brand new, cloud based service to facilitate user generated content. “Jaunt Publishing,” will allow anyone, anywhere to quickly and easily submit their very own VR film or project for consideration onto the Jaunt platform.

Budding VR filmmakers can upload their creations through an online portal on the Jaunt website. In order to prevent trolling, however, a company release states that all projects will have to pass through an “internal review board” before going live on the platform. In this way, it offers a more strict curation system than something like standard YouTube.

The move signals the first time VR creators can create without fear of their content deteriorating across multiple VR headsets. Without industry standards to streamline VR experiences from the Oculus to Google Cardboard, Jaunt Publishing could pull ahead of the pack in the race to own content and distribution of the new medium.