Get to Know Each Other Aboard This Self-Driving Motorcycle

Posted August 22nd 2016


via Wired

It’s time to imagine, design, and develop a new breed of urban vehicle. Something that will minimize the human footprint, that can operate year round in any weather, and run on electricity instead of gasoline. That’s the thinking behind the Cyclotron, inspired by the Tron Light Cycle and Lit Motors’ self-balancing C1.

Inside this enclosed, autonomous motorcycle, two passengers would sit facing one another, given a rare chance to relax, chat, and get to know one another (or ignore each other and look at their phones). A gyroscopic system like that on the C1 would keep the vehicle stable at all times, even when fully stopped—no need to put your feet down to keep from tipping over.

Charles Bombardier details the concept autonomous vehicle he co-designed.