AI is Here to Help You Write Emails People Will Actually Read

Posted August 23rd 2016


via Wired

Looking for an artificial intelligence that can write all your email messages so you don’t have to? Too bad. That dream is still years away. But in the meantime, a startup called Boomerang wants to take you at least part of the way there. Today, the company added a new AI-powered tool called “Respondable.”

Respondable analyzes your messages as you write them, predicts how likely they are to get a response, and then suggests ways you can improve them. If your subject line it too terse, for instance, or the email’s tone seems rude, it will tell you. In theory, this will make life easier for people on both ends on the exchange: The recipient the email will get clearer, more actionable emails, and the sender should be more likely to get a prompt response. The project is in its early days but it does give us a glimpse of how AI might work in concert with humans, not to take our jobs but to make our jobs a bit easier.

In the push to bring AI into email and calendar services, Boomerang will compete with the likes of Microsoft and Google, but CEO Alex Moore believes Boomerang may have the edge.