Adidas Will Bring Its Robot-Staffed Factory to the US

Posted August 10th 2016


via Engadget

Late last year, Adidas announced plans to bring shoe production back to Germany starting in 2016. With that in mind, the company created a new manufacturing facility staffed by robots, known as Speedfactory. Along with setting one up in its native country, Adidas also revealed there would be a separate Speedfactory in the US, slated to open in 2017. Today, the sportswear giant shared more details about this project, announcing that its Stateside production facility will call Atlanta home. The 74,000-square-foot space is set to be fully functional by the end of next year, and Adidas says it aims to make 50,000 pairs of running shoes there.

The automated production line will also create jobs for 160 human workers, and allows Adidas to rely less on factories in other parts of the world where unethical labor practices have been the norm.