The Future of In-Flight Entertainment is Coming

Posted July 14th 2016


via CNBC

Virtual reality and streaming content from sites like Netflix is the future of in-flight entertainment, replacing tiny screens in the back of chairs that often have low quality movies, the aerospace industry’s biggest players told CNBC.

Companies had set up virtual reality stations around their stands at the Farnborough Airshow highlighting what the inside of their jets look like and how it feels to fly in one of their planes. While these are mainly for airlines to experience what a manufacturer’s plane is like, aircraft makers are predicting virtual reality technology will be incorporated within cabins soon.

“The consumer market is taking off and people who are keen on this tech expect people like Airbus as industry leaders to be aware of this, and I do foresee in the near future an opportunity for our customers to potentially have this in their cabin,” Andy Anderson, deputy chief technology officer at Airbus, told CNBC in an interview earlier this week.

“For a passenger inside the plane, imagine being able to put on the headset and project a whole world across the roof of the cabin and allow them to fly underneath the stars, or allow them to see a movie, it’s a new platform for innovation.”