Understanding the Impact of AI

Posted July 5th 2016


via The Next Web

Today, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in our existence and about to experience an exponential period of rapid technological growth the likes of which is quite probably beyond our comprehension and at a base level, will have serious implications for coding.

We rather arrogantly think that because we have a good grasp of our own technological advancement so far, we can somehow predict the mass cultural and behavioural shift about to happen as we question our own skills in the world. Us techies hold on to the notion that we are the masters of code, and we will be forever commanding line by line, the computers to do our bidding. We have already outsourced our knowledge to Google. It makes perfect sense that we will outsource coding to AI.

Fear not, even though hauliers will be steadily replaced by automatons, we’ll not all be out of jobs because of AI and its impact on coding. We’ll be gainfully employed based on our ability to work with various forms of AI, according to Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired. The future will be bright. The near future, however, is the issue and the way we are teaching the next generation to handle AI is counterproductive to its true potential.