New Health Care Design Borrows an Old Healing Technique

Posted July 27th 2016


via Fast Company

This week, the American Institute of Architects announced seven new, stand-out structures designed to help heal patients, whether the focus is cancer treatment, reproductive health, or pediatrics. One constant that runs through these diverse buildings, though, is green space.

Today, architects of health care facilities are borrowing from a diverse range of sources, including Apple, Starbucks, theater design, and even luxury day spas.

But amid all of these clever new tricks lies an old saw: the power of plants to create an atmosphere that provides medical benefits. Studies have shown that contact with nature has positive effects on health and well being and that nature is a key component in the optimal environment for healing. Psychology is a powerful thing, and it’s been shown that nature helps reduce stress. Considering that hospitals cause anxiety in many people, the more stress-relieving elements the better.