Shopify’s AI Marketing Bot Launches Goals

Posted July 26th 2016


via VentureBeat

Kit — the artificially intelligent marketing bot recently acquired by Shopify — has today announced a major new feature: Goals. And, if Kit has its way, Goals will change the way small businesses hire their first marketer.

The company’s A.I. bot runs your ecommerce business for you, originally doing so via SMS text messages and now through Facebook Messenger. Earlier this year, Kit added an API to extend its reach beyond emailing your customers, building your Facebook ads, and managing your Instagram-sponsored photos. All of this intelligence attracted the right kind of attention, leading to Shopify acquiring the solution in April 2016.

So what does this new Goals feature do, and why does it matter?

Goals understands where you are in the evolution of your Shopify store and sets targets accordingly. It then helps you reach these objectives, not just through intelligent suggestions — such as calculating how to get your first 100 likes, growing sales by 10 percent in a month, or reaching your 25th sale — but also by working out exactly how much you’ll need to spend on advertising and other growth tactics to get there.