Reality Lab Networks Unveils Streaming VR System, Live Planet

Posted July 22nd 2016


via Fast Company

Web publishing pioneer and serial entrepreneur Halsey Minor announced his move into the virtual reality field last year, and today he’s formally unveiled his company, Reality Lab Networks, and first product: A live streaming VR camera and video distribution service called Live Planet.

To make live streaming possible, Reality Lab Networks built a camera system that can output the video in real time. Multi-cam VR devices usually need separate processing on another device, often with adjustments by hand, to align the video from each camera into two seamless globes, one for each eye. The Live Planet’s onboard computing stitches together the raw video coming straight off the sensors from its 16 built-in cameras. And it outputs a ready-to-watch 4K stereoscopic stream just about instantly.

“We’re just one step away from Instagram and Twitter,” Minor says. “It’s like, I’m going to show you a picture of my dinner table with my friends. Now I’m going to drop a camera down, and now you’re going to eat with my friends.”