Xbox Chief Talks Project Scorpio, VR, Teraflops

Posted June 14th 2016


via Wired

At E3 this week, Microsoft is trying to change the way we think about game consoles. If you bought an Xbox 360 at launch, you spent a long time—eight years!—without any sort of graphical upgrade. That’s not the case this generation: If you want HDR-enhanced game graphics and 4K Blu-ray playback, you can buy the Xbox One S this year. You could also hold off until the 2017 holiday season in order to buy what’s currently code-named “Project Scorpio,” a more powerful version of the console that’s designed to melt your eyeballs with 4K gaming as well as high-end VR….

While consoles have traditionally never chased the ever-iterating world of PC gaming, Scorpio is a step in that direction: Delivering 4K graphics, to match what high-end gaming PCs can already deliver, is the new box’s raison d’ere. After all, Spencer says, developers are usually building a PC version of any given game alongside the Xbox version—and increasingly, that means a 4K version. “When we started looking at Scorpio,” he says, “we asked the partners, ‘in order to build a true high-fidelity 4K game, what capabilities do you need?’ That’s what we designed Scorpio around. It’s kind of like a [GeForce GTX] 980 card on the PC. I get the capability that I need as a developer to deliver a high-fidelity 4K game.”