Snapchat Users Could Get Paid for Their Content Someday

Posted June 30th 2016


via Quartz

In social media, your platform is only as good as the content your users create on it. Snapchat is keenly aware of this. When you open the app, it goes directly to the camera, giving users a nudge to take a video or photo right away. It’s not for passive observation. And as the hottest platform on the planet, the strategy is clearly working. But what about in a few years, when the Next Big Thing is stealing its users’ attention? How will Snapchat keep people snapping? Pay them.

According to a patent application published last week, Snapchat has considered a “revenue-sharing” scenario, in which brands would pay users for their content. “For example, a user image may be added to a gallery sponsored by Coca Cola and in return for contributing to Coca Cola’s gallery, a user may receive compensation on a flat-fee, per view or revenue share basis,” says the patent, which was filed in December 2014 but just made public. (The Los Angeles Time first spotted the application.)