Project Soli 2.0 is a Tiny Radar for Wearables

Posted June 2nd 2016


Smartwatches have really hit their stride in the past couple years with popular products from brands like Samsung, Apple, FitBit, Motorola, and more each promising their own set of features to make them worth putting on your wrist. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with smartwatches is that their size limits the wearer’s ability to navigate and control it. Tiny touchscreens, buttons, and dials offer only a limited amount of control over what could be a much more powerful communication device.

Enter Google’s Project Soli 2.0, the latest iteration of Google’s ongoing effort to add sensors to wearables and other IoT devices that use radar to track and interpret gestures. This technology, if implemented properly, could vastly expand the level of control users have over these smaller devices.

via ReadWrite