These Vibrating Shoes Guide Your Steps as You Play Tourist

Posted May 16th 2016


As I stroll the narrow alleys of Barcelona, I can’t help but keep my eyes up, marveling at the beauty surrounding me. I’ve never seen this neighborhood before, yet without so much as a glimpse at a map, I know exactly where to go and how to get there. The smart shoes on my feet know where I am headed, and vibrate when I must turn left or right. It is liberating. No more consulting a guidebook or my phone, no more asking strangers for directions. I simply enjoy the city. The only thing more odd than Sneakairs is who made them: EasyJet, the UK’s budget airline. But the company has a history of stunty experimentation. Last year, it started using drones to inspect its jets. It wants to use hydrogen fuel cells to power planes as they taxi the tarmac. But with smart shoes, the company literally walks away from its core business.

via Wired