Someday You’ll Have No Screens in Your Life

Posted May 17th 2016


Dozens of everyday office tools have been “absorbed” since the 1970s, including calendars, Rolodexes, dictionaries, maps, books, media players, file cabinets, fax machines and wired phones. Most legacy office devices are already commonly emulated with a web-connected smartphone or laptop. What’s left in the toolbox of a typical tech worker is a laptop with charger, smartphone, earbuds, wallet or purse, and keys. This disappearing act has been stealthily under way since the advent of the PC. It will soon be possible to walk into a Starbucks without a phone or laptop and browse the web, video chat with friends or edit a spreadsheet. By the mid 2020s, your wallet, keys and laptop brick will no longer be needed. Keys will be absorbed into smartphones as early as 2017, when Volvo offers vehicles that can opened and started with a phone. This feature should be available in most vehicles by 2025. The laptop-charging brick is quietly being left at home, as the battery life of laptops has increased over the past 15 years. Driven by advances in mobile technology, top laptops are pushing the magic 12-hour battery-life zone.

via Recode