Twitch Brings Gaming to School

Posted May 31st 2016


Seventh-grader Brayden Foxhoven hurries to finish his chicken fingers. He has bases to capture. Gems to collect. Viewers to entertain. And he knows better than to break the cardinal rule of playing video games at middle school: Don’t spill your lunch on the keyboard. Foxhoven and his Viewpoint School classmates are getting an education in Twitch, the app that lets anyone stream their game play for the world to watch.

This school year, the private school in Calabasas formed a Twitch club — a weekly gathering that has quickly become as popular as established clubs for Spanish speakers and “Harry Potter” fanatics. Where students who toiled on computers during lunch were once the audiovisual club nerds, Foxhoven and his dark blue Twitch hoodie are among the cool on campus. Even high schoolers are jealous of the lunchtime gaming privilege, which occurs about once a week on the school’s complex bell schedule.

“I didn’t expect people to want to do the club,” Foxhoven said. “I didn’t expect the 25 sign-ups. It was unimaginable.” The Twitch Club — which the company believes is the first middle school group named in its honor — reflects gaming’s emergence into the mainstream.

via LA Times