This App Takes A New Approach To Sex Ed: Fun

Posted April 7th 2016


Juicebox has company in its strategy of delivering sexual health information via mobile phones, where teenagers communicate most often. The app sets itself apart by making every effort to function less like a pamphlet about STDs and birth control than a fun product like Snapchat.

At launch, it has two features. One, which users can access by swiping left, is called “Snoop” and allows teenagers to ask questions of sexual health professionals, who are each members of the Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors, and Therapists. When Rader tested the feature, she found that teenagers were just as excited to browse questions others had asked. Among questions the beta testers submitted are standard sex-ed fare like, “Where can I get an STI test?” and “Can I get pregnant on my period?” But the open-ended format also lends itself to questions that are hard to imagine in a P.E. teacher’s annual sex-ed PowerPoint: “How big is the right penis?” and “How do I have sex with an uncircumcised guy?”

The second feature, “Spill,” asks users to share their own stories about relationships and sex. Other users can upvote these stories by tapping a condom icon next to each one. In a detail that could be either hilarious or horrifying, depending upon your attitude toward sex and sex education, the condom icon grows when touched. “Our tagline is, ‘Avoid all the awkward,’” Rader says. “It’s not, ‘Here’s a sex-ed app.’”

via Fast Company